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Cheap Wholesale Backpacks


2Moda is a division of David's Wholesale, where we specialize in importing hot fashions and quality products. Our mission at David's Wholesale / 2Moda is to provide all of our customers with great products, great prices, and great customer service! The 2Moda brand features items such as great quality wholesale backpacks, uniquely styled fashion handbags and accessories, jewelry, cell phone cases, and many other exciting wholesale products.


Wholesale Backpacks

Wholesale Backpacks (13)

Wholesale School Supplies

Wholesale School Supplies (2)

Wholesale Women's Handbags

Wholesale Women's Handbags (65)

Wholesale Wallets

Wholesale Wallets (44)

Wholesale Accessories

Wholesale Accessories (31)

Wholesale Jewelry

Wholesale Jewelry (36)

Wholesale Beauty Accessories

Wholesale Beauty Accessories (44)

Wholesale Luggage

Wholesale Luggage (4)

Home & Office Wholesale Items

Home & Office Wholesale Items (74)

Wholesale Apparel

Wholesale Apparel (61)

Wholesale Electronic Accessories

Wholesale Electronic Accessories (71)

Closeouts / Promo Items

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Source of Wholesale Backpacks for Boys and Girls in Solid & Assorted Colors Real Wholesale Products & Closeout Items With Free Shipping